Khaled Meshaal

Khaled Meshaal is a Palestinian leader and has been the head of the Islamic Resistance Movemennt, Hamas' political bureau since 1996. He was born in 1956 in the West Bank village of Silwad and has lived in exile since the Six-Day War of 1967. Meshaal joined the Muslim Brotherhood in 1971 and following the official...

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Laura Malagón Sotero

Laura Malagón Sotero has a Bachelor’s degree in History (2019) from the University of Havana (UH). Sotero is studying for a Master’s degree in Contemporary History and International Relations (UH) and works at the Africa and Middle East Group of the Research Centre for International Policy (CIPI), Havana, Cuba. She specialises in North African issues...

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Linda Maher

Linda Maher is a Palestinian journalist, based in Hebron, West Bank. She frequently writes for the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ).

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Lucas Bonatto Diaz

Lucas Bonatto Diaz is a musician and electronic music songwriter from Sant’Anna do Livramento, south Brazil. He does scoring and sound design for films and has a degree in International Relations from the Federal University of Pampa.

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Maha Salah

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Mario Antonio Padilla Torres

Mario Antonio Padilla Torres holds a PhD in Philosophical Sciences, University of Havana, Master in Historical Sciences, Diploma in Culture, Bachelor of Political Science. Professor and Principal Investigator. He serves as Academic Secretary and Head of the Project on International Terrorism of the Research Center for International Policy (CIPI) of Cuba. He is a specialist...

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Mayra Barzaga García 

Mayra Barzaga García has a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Philosophy at the Higher Pedagogical Institute “Enrique José Varona”. Titular Teacher. She is dedicated to prospective research on the scenarios of the correlations of political forces in Latin America.  

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Middle East Monitor

The use or misuse of information is central to the conflict in the Middle East. There has been a growing need for supporters of, in particular, the Palestinian cause, to master the art of information gathering, analysis and dissemination. This requires well organised, focused and targeted operations. Such initiatives are virtually non-existent in the West...

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Nasim Ahmed

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Nicholas P. Roberts

Mr. Roberts studies Islamic intellectual history and Islamic movements with Dr. John Voll at Georgetown University in the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. He recently completed writing Political Islam and the Invention of Tradition, soon to be published, which explores the emergence of Political Islam and the concept of an Islamic state...

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Orietta Hernández Bermúdez 

Orietta Hernández Bermúdez has a Master’s in International Relations (2015, Havana, Higher Institute of International Relations Raúl Roa (ISRI)). Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology (2007, Havana University). She is aggregate researcher and assistant profesor at the Centre for International Political Researcher (CIPI).Bermudez has researched social movements, political forces, migration and carried out communications studies. She has...

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Peter Oborne

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