Henriette Johansen

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Hilary Aked

Hilary Aked is a freelance researcher and writer and a doctoral candidate at the University of Bath. She is a former editor of London Student, the student newspaper of the University of London. Follow her on twitter.

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Ibrahim Al-Ali

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Ibrahim Hewitt

Ibrahim Hewitt is a well-known British political and social commentator, author, educator and humanitarian and human rights activist. He is a regular visitor to the Middle East, particularly Palestinian refugee camps in the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and Jordan. In 2011 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Islamic University of Gaza for his support...

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Ilan Pappé

Ilan Pappé is a world-renowned Israeli academic and social activi st. His research interests focus on the modern Middle East, in particular, the history of Israel and Palestine. He is one of Israel’s ‘New Historians’ and since the release of pertinent British and Israeli documents in the 1980s, has been concerned with revising the official...

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James Jones

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Jehan Alfarra

Jehan Alfarra is a Palestinian writer and multimedia journalist covering Middle Eastern affairs and specialising in Palestinian political news and social issues. She is also a contributing author to the book “Gaza Writes Back”.

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Jessica Purkiss

Jessica Purkiss is a former staff writer for Memo. She is now a junior reporter on the Bureau of Investigative Journalism's Covert Drone War team. She has also spent two years reporting from Palestine

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Jorge Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia is a Cuban diplomat and a graduate of the Cuban Superior Institute of International Relations, Raúl Roa García. He has been appointed to several positions at various Cuban Embassies, including those in Poland, Venezuela and the United Kingdom. His roles have included consul, press officer, administrative officer and political counsellor.

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Karen Koning AbuZayd

Karen AbuZayd has spent 19 years working with Palestinian refugees with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans. She then worked with UNRWA for 10 years. She began her humanitarian career in the Sudan in 1981, then Nambia in 1989, then to Sierra Leone during the...

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Khaled Meshaal

Khaled Meshaal is a Palestinian leader and has been the head of the Islamic Resistance Movemennt, Hamas' political bureau since 1996. He was born in 1956 in the West Bank village of Silwad and has lived in exile since the Six-Day War of 1967. Meshaal joined the Muslim Brotherhood in 1971 and following the official...

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Laura Malagón Sotero

Laura Malagón Sotero has a Bachelor’s degree in History (2019) from the University of Havana (UH). Sotero is studying for a Master’s degree in Contemporary History and International Relations (UH) and works at the Africa and Middle East Group of the Research Centre for International Policy (CIPI), Havana, Cuba. She specialises in North African issues...

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