Dr Uri Davis

Dr Uri Davis is an anti-Zionist Palestinian of the Hebrew language group, citizen of the alleged constitutional monarchy of the UK and of the apartheid State of Israel, born in Jerusalem in 1943. He has been at the forefront of the defence of human rights in Israel, notably Palestinian rights, since 1965 and as an academic and independent researcher he has pioneered critical research on Zionism and the State of Israel since the mid-1970.

Dr Uri Davis is member of the PLO Palestine National Council/PNC (Majlis Watani); member of Revolutionary Council (Majlis Thawri) of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement/ FATEH and member of the Political Committee of the Revolutionary Council; Deputy Commissioner-General for Political Affairs of FATEH International Relations Commission/FIRC and Coordinator of FIRC Africa Desk; Hon Associate Research Fellow & Erstwhile Associate Professor, AL-QUDS University in Jerusalem/Abu Dis, Palestine, Institute of Area Studies/IAS, Israel Studies Track; co-Founder of the Exeter-based Palestine Studies Trust and Hon Research Fellow, European Centre for Palestine Studies/ECPS (Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies/IAIS), University of Exeter, UK

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