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The Palestine Papers – a matter of public interest

Publisher MEMO Publishers
Published February 15, 2011
Digital 6 Pages
Language English

Following the leak of some 1600 documents a selection known as the Palestine Papers were released by Al Jazeera and the Guardian newspaper; they highlight previously unknown details relating to the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

  • The documents record hundreds of meetings between Palestinian, Israeli and US officials, leaders and politicians. They include a large number of emails and “secret proposals” relating to final status negotiations.
  • The earliest document dates from 1999 and the most recent is a September 2010 memo. Most, however, focus on the Annapolis conference in 2007.
  • They are records which have come mainly from the Palestinian Negotiation Support Unit (NSU), which is funded heavily by the British Government. Some other documents have come from the Palestinian Authority’s security forces.
  • All of the documents are in English as this was the official language used by both Israeli and Palestinians during negotiations.
  • The leaks highlight often startling differences between the private records of meetings and the public positions taken by the PA during the negotiations.
  • The papers reflect the records of the PA and, significantly, the PA’s opinions and positions. The Israelis, Americans, British and others all kept their own records.

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