The political thought of the Islamic Resistance Movement - HAMAS

The political thought of the Islamic Resistance Movement - HAMAS


MEMO Publishers


June 2013


88 pages




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What is Hamas's philosophy and vision for liberation? Why doesn't it recognise Israel despite intense international pressure to do so? How does it view the PLO? Does it have scope for flexibility given its immutable principles?

These are just a few of the questions that continually crop up and struggle to find adequate address in western discourse on the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas. This book offers an authoritative answer to these questions and more.

It examines the Palestinian, Arab, Islamic and humanitarian roles in the quest for liberation; the extent to which that vision is influenced by the reality of political division; and the incoherence and fragmentation that dominates the Arab reality. It also clarifies Hamas' position towards the prevailing alliances and blocs, how the movement views them and how ethnic and sectarian plurality can be employed to serve the struggle for freedom.




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