The Battle for Public Opinion in Europe

The Battle for Public Opinion in Europe


MEMO Publishers


March 2012


316 pages




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A timely, revealing and important book which analyses the incongruity between European public opinion and perceptions of the Israel-Palestine Conflict, and the kind of blind political, economic and cultural support European governments afford the Israeli state.

Pivotal events in recent years such as the Gaza War (2008/9) have allowed increasing numbers of Europeans to see through mainstream media and government smokescreens regarding the Israel–Palestine conflict. In 2011 a pioneering study was commissioned to gauge resulting changes in public perceptions of the conflict in six European countries. ‘The Battle for Public Opinion’ analyses and contextualizes the results of that study providing a clear backdrop to the pertinent issues alongside forward-looking thoughts and recommendations for action.

With contributions from international experts and specialists in their field, including Ilan Pappe, Tim Llewellyn and Maria Holt, it also brings credible and unique insights to bear on how and why public opinion in Europe should be, and is, changing regarding the conflict and the consequences these changes might be expected to have on European policy-making.

MEMO Publishers