Memo to the Editor | Letters 2009 - 2011

Memo to the Editor | Letters 2009 - 2011


MEMO Publishers


April 2013


308 pages




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A timely, revealing and important book, 'Memo to the Editor' is a compilation of letters authored by Ibrahim Hewitt, the Middle East Monitor's Senior Editor, and addressed to the Editors of major newspapers on issues of the day.

'Curated' in forward chronological order and with a précis included, the letters which date from December 2009 deliver insightful and up-to-the-minute commentary and analysis on events of the Israel-Palestine Conflict as they occur. Woven into this is a shrewd, and frequently humorous, critique of the way these events are often misrepresented in mainstream media. One of the author's fundamental premises in writing these letters was to let journalists know that their work was under scrutiny. As such, the book also speaks to issues of freedom of the press and the space allowed to dissenting voices

The end result is a powerful and unique offering that provides the reader with a sustained argument and narrative from an alternative perspective. The quasi-conversational format that it employs also allows the incredulity and helpless horror at the injustices of the conflict felt by so many to be keenly articulated.


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