Israel & Gaza: Behind the Media Veil

Publisher MEMO Publishers
Published January 01, 2015
Paperback 124 Pages
Language English
ISBN 978-1907433160

The essays in this book examine media coverage of Israel’s war on Gaza during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014. Looking through a wide lens, they cover mainstream and social media, and draw attention not only to the lack of objectivity in coverage of the war but also the way that  traditional media sources are being overtaken by new media as audiences search for the truth behind the headlines.

Edited by


Ibrahim Hewitt

Ibrahim Hewitt is a well-known British political and social commentator, author, educator and humanitarian and human rights activist. He is a regular visitor to the Middle East, particularly Palestinian refugee camps in the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and Jordan. In 2011 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Islamic University of Gaza for his support...

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About the Author


Shazia Arshad

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Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith is a London-based journalist who has a special interest in Middle Eastern politics, art and culture. She is editor of The Arab Spring Five Years On. Visit her website is here.

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Dr Sarah Marusek

Dr. Sarah Marusek is an American activist and scholar. She earned her PhD in social science from Syracuse University, and has worked on both grassroots and global campaigns in support of Palestinian rights.

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Dr Walaa Ramadan

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Yousef Al-Helou

Yousef Al-Helou is a Palestinian journalist in London, and is currently a Reuters fellow at Oxford University.

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