Shin Bet - An ingrained culture of torture and deceit

Shin Bet - An ingrained culture of torture and deceit


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September 2011



Known at different times by various names (the General Security Service [GSS], the Israeli Security Agency [ISA], Shabak], Shin Bet is Israel's internal security and counter-intelligence service. Its role includes the interrogation of "suspects"; exposing "terrorist" rings; counter-espionage; the protection of the state president and so on. It is one of three branches of the Israeli intelligence community.

1- Shin Bet: Primarily internal security
2- Mossad: Primarily external security, overseas intelligence
3- Aman: Military intelligence

With its motto "the defender that shall not be seen" or "the unseen shield", Shin Bet has remained a relatively clandestine organisation operating for the most part in obscurity. It has only really come to the public's attention when missions have been bungled and, even then, only occasionally.


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