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Club Deportivo Palestino, Chile Palestine Solidarity On The Football Pitch

Publisher MEMO Publishers
Published November 01, 2022
Digital 15 Pages
Language English

Anyone who watches Club Deportivo Palestino playing, or sees one of its shirts in official photographs, may think that it is a Palestinian football club. In a way, that’s exactly what it is, and yet it is based in Chile, thousands of miles from occupied Palestine. It is Chile’s own version of Palestine solidarity — on a football pitch.

Chile has the largest Palestinian diaspora community in Latin America; the third or fourth largest in the world. There are 400,000 Palestinian Chileans now in their fourth or fifth generation; the sons and daughters of the pioneers who left the Middle East many years before the events that shredded their native land to pieces.

About the Author

Ahmad Alzoubi

Ahmad Alzoubi

Journalist, living in São Paulo, Alzoubi is a doctoral candidate in the Program Communication at the Methodist University of São Paulo, studying the relationship between Palestinians in Latin America and the role of the media in preserving their culture and identity. He publishes articles on relations between Latin American countries and the Palestinian cause, with...

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