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An investigation into the transformation of Jerusalem after 1967

Publisher MEMO Publishers
Published October 11, 2011
Digital 16 Pages
Language English

Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem has for all intents and purposes strangled its Arab population. The restrictive policies enforced in; construction, planning, land appropriation, investment in infrastructure and services are all geared to force the flight of Palestinians and realise the Judaisation of the city. Consequently, every aspect of Palestinian life has been blighted by neglect, discrimination and deprivation.

With the construction of the Apartheid Wall, and its isolation of Jerusalem from the West Bank, the local economy has virtually collapsed. Encouraged by the silence of its Arab neighbours and complicity of its European backers, Israel has in recent years intensified its efforts to divest Jerusalem of its Islamic character. It has pursued a deliberate, well organised and systematic campaign to change the religious and demographic character of the city.

About the Author


Dr Daud Abdullah

Daud Abdullah is a well-known British academic, and political and social commentator. He writes and lectures on issues relating to Middle Eastern and British politics, Islam, and Muslim-Western relations. Dr Abdullah received his BA in history from the University of Guyana in 1981 before completing a PhD in History at the University of Khartoum in...

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